Quest:A Guardian's Duty

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A Guardian's Duty
Level 30
Type Solo only
Starts with Any Guardian Trainer
Ends with Severin Wheeler
Ends at Trestlebridge
End Region North Downs
Map Ref [17.5S, 54.2W]
Quest Group Guardian
Class Guardian
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'War is brewing in many lands and against many folk, <name>, but few are as hard-pressed as those in the town of Trestlebridge. One of its guardians, a Man named Severin Wheeler, has sent word to all who will listen: Trestlebridge must be defended.

'The Orcs came across the North Downs and cruelly press against the city. You must help stand against them, <name>, or you are no true guardian. Go to Trestlebridge and lend your aid to Severin Wheeler!

'If the town falls, the way into Bree-land will be open to the Orcs, and all hope will be gone. This is your duty, <name> -- you cannot deny it.'


A guardian must become hardened to the dangers of the world, for he stands between those evils and all good folk.

Objective 1

Severin Wheeler is in the town of Trestlebridge, in the North Downs.

Severin Wheeler has sent word from Trestlebridge that the town is under threat of attack from marauding Orcs and must be defended.

Guardian Trainer: 'You should travel to the town of Trestlebridge, in the North Downs, and speak with Severin Wheeler. He has requested the aid of able-bodied guardians to defend the town from the Orcs that threaten it daily.'
Severin: 'I am glad you've come, <name>, for the Orcs press us more cruelly. A few men have responded to my call for help, but fewer than I would have hoped.
'Are you ready to take up arms in defence of the town? Tell me when you are, and I will show you to your position!'

Objective 2

Severin Wheeler is in Trestlebridge, in the North Downs.

Severin Wheeler is waiting to hear that you are prepared to defend the town from the Orcs that threaten it.

Severin: 'If you are ready, I will show you to your position. We must all take up arms to defend the town from the marauding Orcs!'
This is a Solo quest, and cannot be completed in a Fellowship.

Objective 3

  • Talk to Severin Wheeler

Severin Wheeler is in Trestlebridge.

Severin Wheeler is waiting to speak with you about your defence of the town in the recent Orc-raid.

Severin: 'Harper told me the news of your defence when I returned, <name>, and you have my thanks! I am happy to report that I and a few others were able to rescue the trapped farmers in the North Downs, a rescue that would not have been possible without your aid here.
'The Orcs grow bolder, that much is clear. We must resist them as long as we can...I hope it will be long enough.
'Ah, do not listen to my dreary words! We won a victory today, and that is enough! Your skills improve with practice -- every attack of the Orcs makes us even stronger, until one day we will strike out at them and defeat them utterly!'