Quest:A Glow in the Corners

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A Glow in the Corners
Level 77
Type Solo
Starts with Isteron
Starts at The Under-wall
Start Region The East Wall
Ends with Isteron
Ends at The Under-wall
End Region The East Wall
Quest Group East Wall
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You mentioned glowing flowers in the corners of some of those side passages, <name>? I am very interested in those. Do you think you could pick some of them for me and bring them back? They may have useful properties.'

Isteron's attention wanders as he contemplates something. After a moment he seems to notice you again.

'Glowing flowers...glowers. Glowers, <name>! Glowers of the Under-wall! Get me some of these glowers, friends, so I can study them! You will find them in the corners of the side passages you scouted earlier.'


Isteron wants you to investigate the glowing flowers that you briefly encountered while scouting the side passages in the Under-wall.

Objective 1

Glowing flowers can be found in the corners of the side passages in the Under-wall.

Isteron wants you to collect some of the glowing flowers in the Under-wall so he can study their properties.

Isteron: 'Glowers! That is brilliant. I cannot wait to tell my companions about this latest naming discovery of mine. Go find me lowers in the corners of the side passages here in ithe Under-wall!'

Objective 2

  • Bring the glowing flowers to Isteron

Isteron is by the northernmost exit from the Under-wall.

You have collected glowing flowers from the corners of the side passages in the Under-wall.

Isteron: You hand the glowing flowers to Isteron, and he seems disappointed.
'Oh. These are just glintershade… they are as common as the dirt in which they grow! Well, maybe not as common as that, but close to it. Their only special property is that they glow. They do absolutely nothing else. I suppose they are fine if you want to attract attention, but I have collected much more interesting things than these throughout my storied past.
'Thank you anyway, <name>. But one thing: I have noticed you are not using the name "Under-wall" for these tunnels, and I think you should. It is a good name, and I would like you to use it. You can also call these flowers "glowers" if you would like.'