Quest:A Fern By Any Other Name...

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A Fern By Any Other Name...
Level 10
Type Solo
Starts with Avery Crabapple
Starts at Market Square
Start Region Bree
Map Ref [30.3S, 51.3W]
Quest Chain Spring Festival Flower
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Good heavens! The bouquet was delivered to the wrong address! I know for sure that the beautiful woman does not have cats.

'Oh dear, I should have been more detailed in my description. She definitely lives on the Scholar's Stair. Would you please pick up the bouquet from the wrong door and ask her neighbours for the correct address?'


You have mistakenly delivered Crabapple's bouquet to the wrong house.

Objective 1

The bouquet is in a vase near the wrong door on the Scholar's Stair in Bree.

Avery Crabapple has asked you to collect the bouquet from the wrong address.

Avery Crabapple: 'Please go and pick up that bouquet. It just wouldn't do for all that work to go into the perfect gift and for it to go to the wrong person.'
Collected the bouquet

Objective 2

The neighbours are upon the Scholar's Stair in Bree.

Avery Crabapple asked you to inquire of the neighbours for her address.

Avery Crabapple: 'I'm so glad you were able to retrieve the bouquet. Now I'm just too nervous to remember the address. Could you inquire with some neighbours for the right door?'
Fern Coppersmith: 'My name is Fern, Fern Coppersmith. Have you been looking for me all this time?
'How lovely! Avery Crabapple made this beautiful bouquet just for me? That is simply the sweetest thing anyone has ever done. Between the two of us, I must admit that I've been watching him as well, hoping that he would say something. If it doesn't sound too forward, I was hoping he would get past his shyness to speak with me. In fact, I even sent him some sweets I made. Since he didn't mention them to you, I can only assume that I must have delivered them ot the wrong address as well.
'If I could ask for a small favour, could you please collect the sweets for me and deliver them to poor Avery? I certainly hope he enjoys them.'

Objective 3

Fern Coppersmith's sweets are in the alley behind Avery Crabapple.

Fern Coppersmith asked you to collect her sweets from the wrong door.

Fern Coppersmith: 'Oh, my, how silly that we both got the wrong address. Please retrieve those sweets from the doorstep and deliver them to Avery.'
Collected the sweets

Objective 4

  • Give the sweets to Crabapple

Avery Crabapple is in the Bree Market.

You should bring the sweets to Avery Crabapple.

Fern Coppersmith: 'Wonderful! You found those sweets! Please deliver them to Mr. Crabapple for me!'
Avery Crabapple: 'Goodness! Those sweets are for me from the beautiful and generous Fern? This is fate, my friend.
'How funny that both of us delivered gifts to one another and both sent them to the wrong address. I suppose all this nervousness and anxiety could have meen avoided if I just spoke with her in the first place.
'I thank you so much for helping us. When I'm done with my tasks, I will have to go and speak with her in person, now that I have the courage! Thank you again!'