Quest:A Disturbance at the Gate

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A Disturbance at the Gate
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Gárwig
Starts at Lornsettle
Start Region Forlaw
Map Ref [37.8S, 61.0W]
Ends with Gárwig
Ends at Lornsettle
End Region Forlaw
Map Ref [37.8S, 61.0W]
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You are good to me, <name>. I might come to rely on you, if you continue to be so kind.

'Perhaps you can help us in our time of need. My sons worry that my judgement is clouded by grief. I worry the same for them.'


Gárwig must decide what to do about Wildermore's dire situation.

Objective 1

Gárwig wishes to debate the courses of action Wildermore must take regarding the recent White Hand attacks.

You should speak with Gárwig.

Gárwig: 'Let us discuss our options, for we must do something. It will not do to sit here and let Wildermore fall to the servants of Saruman.'

Complete Instance: A Disturbance at the Gate

Objective 2

Gárwig is in the Mead Hall of Forlaw.

You should speak with Gárwig.

Gárwig: Garwig says nothing, his face like stone.
Núrzum has truly crushed all that the old Reeve holds dear, and Wildermore seems as if it is ready to shatter at another blow.
The White Hand is winning in this land...