Quest:A Blade For a Life

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A Blade For a Life
Level 15
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Kenton Thistleway
Starts at Thornley's Work Site
Start Region Bree-land
Map Ref [26.4S, 53.5W]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Chain A Dwarf-made Blade
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Oh, it's terrible! Blake, the brigand-captain who wanted the sword, came and told me he knew Nate was dead and that he knew I had something to do with it! I tried to tell him I didn't, that I would have another sword for him soon, but he wouldn't listen. He said he's taken my daughter, Maribell! If I don't give him another sword, and soon, he'll kill her!

'You must save her! Please! Get the sword from Lofar, then go to Blake's camp. It's in the Bree-fields, up north of Bree. I'm sure he'll release my daughter when he has the sword.'

'Please hurry! I don't know what I'll do if they harm her... You should bring a few seasoned warriors with you - Blake's men are rutheless!'


While you were gathering the materials Kenton needed to finish his work for Lofar Ironband, the brigand Blake took Kenton's daughter captive.

Objective 1

Lofar can be found at the stone cottage north of the Bree crossroads.

Kenton Thistleway told you that Blake, the brigand-captain, will kill his daughter, unless he gets a new sword. Kenton has asked you to retrieve the sword from Lofar.

Kenton Thistleway: 'Have you gotten the sword from Lofar yet? Please hurry, my daughter's life is at stake!'
Lofar Ironband: 'Those accursed brigands took Thistleway's daughter? This is bad. This sword isn't ready yet! And I know these types of fellows. They won't take "no" for an answer. They'll kill that girl!
'You'll have to mount a rescue and free Kenton's daughter! Hurry now! And gather friends...I fear you'll need them to face Blake!'

Objective 2

Blake's brigand camp is in the Bree-fields, north-west of Bree-town.

When you spoke with Lofar, he told you that the sword was not ready yet. He urged you to go to Blake's brigand camp and try to convince the brigand-captain not to harm Kenton's daughter. The sword will be ready soon. He also suggested you take friends in case there was trouble.

Lofar Ironband: 'Don't dawdle here! Go to the Brigand's Watch and rescue that poor girl! Hurry now!'
Maribell Thistleway: 'Thank you, thank you! I filched the key a while ago, but I was too scared to use it. Now, with you here, I can use it, and we can escape.
'Hopefuly we can get away before Blake notices!'
Maribell Thistleway says, "Quick! Follow me! With Blake dead, we can make our escape!"
You have rescued Maribell
Maribell Thistleway says, "Thank you! I think I can make it back to Bree from here!"

Objective 3

Kenton Thistleway resides among the smiths in Bree, not far from the West-gate.

Blake, the brigand-captain, took Kenton Thistleway's daughter, Maribell, captive. You rescued Maribell, who has returned to Bree. You should return to Kenton with news of your success.

Lofar Ironband: 'Aye, good tidings! Glad no harm came to the lass. While you were away, I went over and collected the work from Kenton, and I must say that I think that Man has the hands of a dwarf. The work was excellent quality, so much so that I think I'll get double for it. I told him he could expect more work from me in the future.
'Seems my kind heart lead me to a good find. Thanks to you, that is.'
Kenton Thistleway: 'Oh, bless you! You've returned my daughter safe to me! I can't thank you enough! You've done so much for me, in more ways than you know!
'While you were away, I busied myself with Lofar's work. I had to do something to being myself overcome with worry. No sooner had I finished the wrok, than Lofar came over to collect it. He seemed pleased with it -- even admitted that it came close to dwarf-work! He promised to send me more work in the future!
'<name>, you've saved my family and given me a hope for a brighter future. I can't thank you enough!'