Plague Gourd

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Plague Gourd-icon.png
 Plague Gourd
  • 30m Range
  • Tactical Skill
  • Induction: 2s
  • Resistance: Disease
  • A plague of flies fills a foetid gourd which explodes on your opponent.
    On critical hit, reduces your opponent's Block, Parry, and Evade for 20s.
  • 405 Shadow Damage
  • Cost: 113 Power
  • Apply to target on Critical and Devastating Critical:
  • -1500 Evade Rating
    -1500 Parry Rating
    -1500 Block Rating
    Duration: 20s
  • Cooldown: 8s

General Information

Class: Orc Defiler

Rank: Initial

Training Price: None


Using this skill deals Shadow damage. On a critical hit, target is afflicted with a disease effect that reduces Block, Parry, and Evade.