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About Pipe-weed

Pipe-weed is the name Tolkien used to refer to tobacco products in LOTRO Lore, and was referred to several times in The Lord of the Rings. Game Developers have confirmed that Pipe-weed is used to refer only to tobacco products and firmly refute any links to illicit substances. Farmers have the ability to grow Pipe-weed, harvest the crop and refine the crop into tobacco pouches.

Tobacco pouches can be used by any player to trigger a smoking emote. The smoking animation includes a long-stem pipe with a glowing bowl and is ended with a smoke-ring animation that varies based on the type of pipe-weed smoked. Higher-tier tobacco pouches have complex and fancy smoke shapes appearing at the end of their animation.

Smoking pipe-weed is currently a purely recreational activity within the game and, other than adding atmosphere, has absolutely no effect on stats, resting rates, abilities or other character attributes.

Farmers can also recieve cross-breed pipe-weed seeds from harvesting their pipe-weed crops. Cross-bred pipe-weed has different animations than any of the parent seeds.

Types of Pipe-weed


Loot or Quest Reward




Farmers receive recipes for the Longbottom Leaf, Southern Star, and Sweet Galenas varieties when they reach Apprentice, Journeyman, and Expert proficiency levels, respectively. All other cross-breeding, seed and pouch recipes must be purchased.

Lengalenas, Stonecrop & Summer Green-weed all appeared as quest rewards from the Summer Festival Quests. They are not available for purchase from vendors. They are not part of the cross-breeding set, but produce the same effects as 3 of the original pipe-weeds.

Shire Sweet-leaf seeds and recipes are bought from farming vendors

Crossbreeding Pipe-weed

Crossbreeding pipe-weed seeds is no longer a manual process. When harvesting pipe weed crops, you have a chance of receiving a cross-bred seed from the same crafting tier or the one above it.

For example, a Sweet Galenas Field has a chance of producing Dragon's Breath Seeds, Roper's Twist Seeds, Eagle's Nest Seeds, and Gamwich Braid Seed.

For higher tiers, it should be noted that farmers stop selling common pipe-weed seeds after the expert tier. That means to get Artisan or higher pipe-weed seeds from farming, you need to plant expert level crops, and harvest them for chances at Artisan level seeds. From there, you would plant and harvest Artisan seeds for Master seeds, and Master seeds for Supreme.

Crossbreeding Reference Chart

Pipe-weed Crossbreeding Chart

Pipe-weed seeds by crafting difficulty

These are all the pipe-weed seeds listed by the crafting tier they are harvested in. Three generic types, Apprentice Pipe-weed Seed, Journeyman Pipe-weed Seed and Expert Pipe-weed Seed are purchasable at a vendor, and each one can be used for various kinds of pipe-weed in their corresponding tier. Nine are cross-bred seeds, and can only be received as loot, or from harvesting pipe-weed fields of their own tier or one lower. The animation for each type is also given. Usually the animations get more complex and beautiful at higher levels.







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