Parth Celebrant Explorer

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Deed Lore

Parth Celebrant is an old crossroads and battlefield that holds a long significance to the Rohirrim as the birthplace of their kingdom.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

This is the camp of the Rohirrim Warden Idmar.
This great field is where the Battle of the Field of Celebrant took place. When the Men of Gondor and Men of the North drove forth the Easterling Horde, and Rohan became a nation.
Hordfierd is a fortress erected by the brigands who stole into Parth Celebrant to thieve the relics there…only to be swayed by the servants of Mordor.
Ost Celebrant was once a great fortress of Gondor before it fell to the treachery of Oathbreakers. Now it houses the shade of the betrayers and their evil allies.
This place has become the den of a pack of ravenous wolves, which have turned to cannibalism for the lack of food.


   5 LOTRO Points
   30 Marks
   <name>, Explorer of Parth Celebrant
   2000 Virtue Experience
   Increased Reputation with The Riders of Stangard ( 500 )

Additional Information

The deed contributes to the Explorer of the Great River meta-deed.