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Image of Ordhrien
Gender Female
Race Elf
Region The Great River
Area Limlight Gorge
Settlement Limlight Glade
Map Ref [29.4S, 72.1W]


Ordhrien is the emessary of Lady Galadriel to the ancient Onodrim of Fangorn...the Ents


Ordhrien engages in several dialogues with the Ent Thickbark.

Ordhrien says, 'Have you considered the Lady's offer yet Thickbark?'
Ordhrien says, 'Such an alliance could protect both our forests.'
Thickbark says, 'Oh? Indeed. Hrrm...'
Thickbark says, 'Then tell me, where were the Galadhrim when our Gardens were despoiled by the enemy?'
Ordhrien says, 'What?'
Ordhrien says, 'We were fighting... *I* was fighting - on the very slopes of Mount Doom!'
Thickbark says, 'Haroom... No doubt. No doubt. You are a great warrior. That much I can see.'
Thickbark says, 'But Mount Doom was a long way away from the Gardens... a long way indeed.'
Thickbark says, 'Too far and too late, I am afraid, to be of any help to us.'
Ordhrien says, 'Nothing I say can change what happened then. But we can still help each other now.'
Thickbark says, 'Hrrmm... I suppose we could help you, yes. We are still strong. Strong enough for Orcs.'
Thickbark says, 'But I do not think you can help us. Hrrumm... It has been too late for that for a long time now.'

Ordhrien says, 'Time is running short and the Enemy's forces are on the move - have you made your decision yet?'
Thickbark says, 'My my my... Hrumm... Such hurried words from one so old.'
Thickbark says, 'One would think the long ages would have taught you patience, as it has my people.'
Ordhrien says, 'Feh. Your people are trees Thickbark.'
Ordhrien says, 'You were born patient - you've never known another way! But we are running out of time.'
Thickbark says, 'Time? We have time. Hmmmm...'
Thickbark says, 'Indeed. I should think that time is all we really have left, wouldn't you say?'
Ordhrien says, 'Time may be all you have - but it is running out all the same.'
Ordhrien says, 'Armies are marching as we speak. By the time you make up your minds, all will be decided!'
Erymeldir says, 'Hahaha! Listen to yourself Ordhrien!'
Erymeldir says, 'The tempestuous Elven warrior-maid, trying to press an Ent to make up his mind.'
Erymeldir says, 'You really should know better than that by now. Might as well try to rush a glacier.'
Ordhrien says, 'Thank you, Erymeldir.'
Ordhrien says, 'When next I desire your opinion, I shall be sure to ask you for it.'
Erymeldir says, 'For you my dear Ordhrien, my advice is always free - as is my flattery.'
Ordhrien says, 'I'm sorry Thickbark... Where were we again?'