Nick Cotton

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Nick Cotton
Image of Nick Cotton
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire
Area Hobbiton-Bywater
Settlement Tom Cotton's Farm
Map Ref [32.4S, 69.3W]


Bowman "Nick" Cotton is the second youngest son of Tom Cotton and Lily Brown. He is found tilling at a field of his father's farm, south of Bywater. Nick has four siblings: Tom, Rosie, Jolly, and Nibs.

History later than the timings of Lotro will tell that when Frodo and his fellowship returned and rallied uproar against Sharkey's men Nick bravely supported his father and brothers down in Bywater. The next day the Battle of Bywater begun and he was all in. [1]


"I would love to chat, but I have to finish my chores."
"I would rather be with Nibs at the Pool than stuck here tilling."
"Don't tell my dad, but I saw Nibs with Marigold Gamgee down near the Bywater Pool."