Neldorlas' Flower

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Neldorlas' Flower
You have discovered the flower of Neldorlas, an Entwife of old. It was she who was formost in the arts of nurturing the young, that they might achieve their potential in the fulness of time.
Not one seed did she plant, nor youthful mind touch that did not come to fruition, unless it was struck down by unfortunate fate. Such was her understanding of the arts of cultivation and teaching.
As with her sisters, she chose to become a part of the Old Forest, that it might endure the encroachment of darkness and evil throughout the years. So the folk tales say, anyway.


Neldorlas' Flower is located near the Tomnoddy Corner. [30.6S, 57.3W]


This flower is one out of eight that need to be used to complete the deed: Flowers of the Old Forest.