Nathan Hodges

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Nathan Hodges
Image of Nathan Hodges
Gender Male
Race Man
Region North Downs
Area Greenway
Settlement Amon Raith
Map Ref [12.5S, 52.8W]


Nathan Hodges is found at Amon Raith in North Downs. He is the Task-master of this area and is accepting completed tasks for monetary rewards.

Nathan is one of many who has abandoned his farm at the advice of the Rangers. Once visitors have earned trust with Amarion he reveals that he is really worried about a hobbit that visited him recently.

Quest Involvement


"The wargs cannot be driven from Annundir soon enough for me, I tell you true."
"I think my friend may have escaped the wargs. He was a tough little fellow."
"The goblins and the wargs fight among themselves? I say we let them finish each other off!"
“I don't think everyone from Annúndir made it safely to Amon Raith.”
“Amarion is doing his best to help us, but he is just one man.”
“I don't know how long we can last here undetected.”