Master of Nature's Fury Traits

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Trait Description Source
Master of Fire (Trait)-icon.png Master of Fire Increases Fire skill damage. Trait: 0+ ranks
Tactical Mastery (Lore-master Trait)-icon.png Tactical Damage Deal more damage with Tactical skills. Trait: 0+ ranks
Burning Earth-icon.png Burning Earth The Cracked Earth skill burns hotter, dealing additional damage. Trait: 5+ ranks
Knowlegde of Storms-icon.png Knowledge of Storms Deal more damage with Lightning attacks. Trait: 5+ ranks
Ancient Fire-icon.png Ancient Fire Gives Gust of Wind a chance to upgrade 2 Burning Embers DoT effects at once. Trait: 10+ ranks
Sword and Storm-icon.png Sword and Storm Staff-strike deals bonus Lightning damage and stuns the foe. Trait: 10+ ranks
Lightning-storm (Trait)-icon.png Lightning-storm Earns the skill: Lightning-storm. Trait: 10+ ranks
Slow Burn-icon.png Slow Burn Burning Embers lasts much longer. Trait: 15+ ranks
Rapid Fire (Lore-master Trait)-icon.png Rapid Fire Reduces Induction Duration Trait: 15+ ranks
Fend Them Off-icon.png Fend Them Off Sword and Storm temporarily boosts your Parry Chance, Evade Chance, and Fire Skill Damage. Trait: 15+ ranks
Dry Kindling-icon.png Dry Kindling Burning Embers has a chance to burn hotter and last longer. Trait: 20+ ranks
Fierce Lightning-icon.png Fierce Lightning Lightning-storm may set the ground beneath the enemy afire, dealing additional damage. Trait: 20+ ranks
Mighty Wind-icon.png Mighty Wind Gust of Wind has a chance to spread the flames of Burning Embers from foe to foe. Trait: 25+ ranks
Ring of Fire (Trait)-icon.png Ring of Fire Earns the skill: Ring of Fire. At max rank, Ring of Fire's radius is doubled. Trait: 25+ ranks
Nature's Fury (Trait)-icon.png Nature's Fury Earns the skill: Nature's Fury Trait: 30+ ranks
Fire Shield (Trait)-icon.png Fire Shield Your Fire skills have a 25% chance to raise a protective shield around you, boosting your defences and reflecting Fire Damage at attackers. Trait: 30+ ranks