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Tank / Main Tank

A Tank is an MMORPG concept centered on the ability to threaten an enemy and to then withstand damage as that enemy attacks.
The Main Tank (MT) is the person in your group which will be handling the agro (threat) of the main target.
Tanks generally have lower damage output than other classes in exchange for improved durability in a variety of situations.
Tanks generally use the heaviest armor and shields, and have ability to draw enemy attention (agro/threat) towards themselves; as well as to intercept enemy attacks on others - thereby protecting those others that don't wear heavy armour (i.e. the "squishies" - healers, crowd-controlers).
Usually a tank can take alot of damage and hold the agro of the enemy while the rest of the group is either damaging, crowd-controlling (CCing) or keeping the group healed.
The Main Tank must have a good awareness of what is going on around them while putting out as much damage as possible to keep the main target's agro focused on themselves.
  • Guardians are the best at tanking but Champions and Captains can fill this role as well, but not as near perfect as a Guardian. Also Champions lose a considerable amount of DPS if they turn to tanking (not using Fevour).