Loyalty (Lore-master Trait)

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Loyalty (Lore-master Trait)-icon.png
  • Lore-master
  • Your pet loves you. If you are hit by a Critical attack, your pet will sacrifice some Morale to heal you.
    You need 20 ranks in other traits in the Keeper of Animals branch.
    Rank 1
    Upon receiving a Critical Hit, your pet will sacrifice 2% of its Morale to heal 2% of yours. You cannot gain this effect more than once every 15s.
    Rank 2
    +4% Morale Exchanged
    Rank 3
    +6% Morale Exchanged
    Rank 4
    +8% Morale Exchanged
    Rank 5
    +10% Morale Exchanged

Trait Information