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Concerning the large-scale decisions

There will be lots of items which are skirmish rewards but also obtainable by other means, most of them already have their articles (lv45 quest items, crafting items). How do we denote that those are also skirmish rewards?

I'd suggest to add a == Barter Information == section in any item page that can be obtained from bartering skirmish marks, precising the NPC and the needed marks:

  • Example 1, with an existing item, I've added it to the Corrosive Droplets for now, sounds good and easy enough?
  • Example 2, with a new item to create, that can only be obtained from skirmish marks (most of them), that section would be the only one, like that first item Esquire's Cape of Eruilan, is it OK too?
  • For armours, what would be the category to use, if any? Light/Medium/Heavy Skirmish Armour? I've not stated any for the Esquire's Cape for now

Some items will be barterable for several various combinations of skirmish marks. I suppose we will have to create a template for a skirmish reward page which allows for this

This will be part of the Skirmish-Curiosities list, I've only done page 1/4, the bartering of marks for other marks starts on page 3/4, I'll complete that tomorrow night.

That's only an initial idea, any other suggestion? -- Goingbald 07:11, 9 December 2009 (UTC)