Lizard and Crawler-slayer (Advanced)

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Deed Lore

Defeat many lizards and crawlers in Eregion.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Defeat Lizards and Crawlers in Eregion (180)
The corrupted vermin of Eregion are slowly being brought back under control, thanks in no small part to your efforts, but their numbers are still great.


  LOTRO Point-icon.png 10 LOTRO Points
  Mark-icon.png 30 Marks
  Virtue Experience-icon.png 2000 Virtue Experience
  Reputation-icon.png Increased Reputation with Elves of Rivendell ( 700 )

Deed Chain Information

  1. Lizard and Crawler-slayer
  2. Lizard and Crawler-slayer (Advanced)

Additional Information

The best place to hunt for Lizard and Crawler is: