Leafcull Fell-maple

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 Leafcull Fell-maple
Leafcull Fell-maple.jpg
Faction Neutral
Location Ettenmoors
Area Coldfells
Genus Creatures of Nature
Species Huorn
Type Elite
Level Range 129-130
Morale Range 74,350-76,474
Power Range 5,280-5,400
Special Abilities Bee Swarms
Summoned Roots


Leafcull Fell-maples are Huorns that one can run into along the hills between Hoarhallow and Glân Vraig in the Ettenmoors. They are mixed in with Leafcull Fell-oaks which aren't quite as rough as these due to lack of bee support.

Special Attacks

As with other Huorn that players may have come across -- from the forest in Bree-land through Lone-lands, these have the ability to send a swarm of bees, use roots to attack you at range, knock you flying and the like. Because they are all fairly close together and there are other unfriendly creatures in the area, it is advisable to fight from the edge inwards in the field. If you get knocked near other hostiles, you can have a large mess on your hands.


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