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Deed Lore

Find and catch all twenty types of eastern, freshwater fish!

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Catch a Bleak
Catch a Bream
Catch a Burbot
Catch a Chub
Catch a Gudgeon
Catch a Lamprey
Catch a Loach
Catch a Long Lake Salmon
Catch a Orfe
Catch a Pollan
Catch a Powan
Catch a Pumpkinseed
Catch a Roach
Catch a Ruffe
Catch a Sprat
Catch a Sunbleak
Catch a Tench
Catch a Tilapia
Catch a Vendace
Catch a Zander
Visit Lake-town


  Zander Trophy-icon.png Zander Trophy
  Pumpkinseed Trophy-icon.png Pumpkinseed Trophy
  Fishing-title-icon.png <name>, Lake-master

Additional Information

Originally, the last objective of the deed read "Wait for the Taxidermist to return from her fishing trip...". This triggered speculation about the taxidermist being added in a future update ([1]). With update 22.0.2 [2], the objective was updated.