Kingstead Meadows Deluxe Mead Hall

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Kingstead Meadows Deluxe Mead Hall
Region: West Rohan
Area: Kingstead Meadows Homesteads
Location: [58.0S, 60.2W]

Each Kingstead Meadows Homesteads neighborhood has one Kingstead Meadows Deluxe Mead Hall house at 2 Colt Road. The exterior and interior of the mead hall are much larger. In addition to the normal decoration hooks of a Kingstead Meadows Deluxe House, the Mead Halls include unique fire pit hooks.

Each neighborhood contains eleven addresses. One Mead Hall (see below), nine regular Deluxe Houses (see Kingstead Meadows Deluxe House), and one Deluxe House with a unique feature (see Deluxe House with Cave).

The floor plan of the house is one exterior door leading in to the long central room with fire pit hook running up the middle toward the usual head table location and large glass windows. There are rooms on the left and right, stairs leading up into loft spaces, and stairs leading down to basement spaces. The maintenance cost is Gold 500 Silver .

Each Kingstead Meadows Mead Hall comes with 182 decoration hooks (+40 from Deluxe House), 14 lighting hooks (+3 from Deluxe House), and 61 exterior hooks (+29 from Deluxe House).


House Address Location Mithril Cost Housing Writ Cost Upkeep
2 Colt Road [57.9S, 69.5W] Mithril Coin-icon.png 894 Mithril Premium Housing Writ-icon.png 36 Writs Gold 500 Silver 

House Exterior:
2 Colt Road Front

House Interior (Main Room):
2 Colt Road Interior

Hook Types and Locations

The 61 exterior hooks are divided up into the following:

Enormous Yards x4

[57.41S, 69.48W]
[57.81S, 69.30W]
[58.30S, 69.48W]
[57.82S, 69.68W]

Huge Yards x10

[57.06S, 69.74W]
[57.15S, 69.74W]
[57.37S, 69.61W]
[57.45S, 69.61W]
[57.68S, 69.34W]
[57.60S, 69.25W]
[58.07S, 69.33W]
[58.17S, 69.33W]
[58.13S, 69.64W]
[58.06S, 69.71W]

Large Yard x20

[57.13S, 69.79W]
[57.17S, 69.79W]
[57.69S, 69.64W]
[57.69S, 69.68W]
[57.69S, 69.71W]
[57.60S, 69.34W]
[57.69S, 69.25W]
[58.06S, 69.27W]
[58.09S, 69.27W]
[58.15S, 69.27W]
[58.19S, 69.27W]
[58.25S, 69.57W]
[58.16S, 69.70W]
[58.12S, 69.70W]
[58.12S, 69.73W]
[58.15S, 69.73W]
[58.08S, 69.66W]
[58.08S, 69.63W]
[58.04S, 69.66W]
[58.04S, 69.62W]

Small Yard x24

[56.84S, 69.80W]
[57.04S, 69.79W]
[57.09S, 69.79W]
[57.02S, 69.71W]
[57.00S, 69.59W]
[57.18S, 69.39W]
[57.66S, 69.57W]
[57.74S, 69.57W]
[57.82S, 69.57W]
[57.90S, 69.56W]
[58.02S, 69.59W]
[58.10S, 69.58W]
[58.10S, 69.39W]
[58.02S, 69.39W]
[57.90S, 69.40W]
[57.81S, 69.41W]
[57.73S, 69.41W]
[57.66S, 69.40W]
[57.50S, 69.39W]
[57.54S, 69.35W]
[57.40S, 69.35W]
[57.40S, 69.27W]
[57.27S, 69.33W]
[57.30S, 69.27W]

Doormat x3

[57.92S, 69.49W]
[57.09S, 69.52W]
[56.85S, 69.81W]

Hitching Post x8 (not included in the exterior hook count)

[57.04S, 69.63W]
[57.12S, 69.62W]
[57.09S, 69.48W]
[57.53S, 69.67W]
[57.65S, 69.61W]
[57.65S, 69.65W]
[57.63S, 69.64W]
[57.61S, 69.64W]

The exterior hooks are laid out in the following configuration:
2 Colt Road Exterior Hooks Exterior Housing Hook Key

More Exterior Views

Front-side view:
2 Colt Road Front-side

Side view:
2 Colt Road Side

Side-rear view:
2 Colt Road Side-rear

Rear view:
2 Colt Road Rear

View of yard from Mead Hall:
2 Colt Road yard from door

View of yard from road:
2 Colt Road yard from road