Keeper of Animals Set Bonuses

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Set Bonus Description Source
Stamp Out the Fire-icon.png Stamp Out the Fire Your pets deal bonus damage to enemies suffering from Burning Embers. Set: 5+ total ranks
Peerless Wisdom-icon.png Peerless Wisdom You have a greater chance of reflecting damage when using Wisdom of the Council.
+10% Wisdom of the Council Damage Negation Chance
Set: 10+ total ranks
Raven's Protection-icon.png Raven's Protection The Raven now offers a Tactical Mitigation buff to you and your fellows. Set: 15+ total ranks
Critical Coordination-icon.png Critical Coordination When your Pet scores a Critical Hit, your next skill is guaranteed to Crit as well. Set: 20+ total ranks
Fellowship Friend-icon.png Fellowship Friend When your Pet scores a Critical Hit, a unique buff will be bestowed from your pet unto your fellowship. Set: 25+ total ranks
Noble Savage-icon.png Noble Savage Your companions have the additional bonuses Set: 30+ total ranks
Tutelage of the Brown Wizard-icon.png Tutelage of the Brown Wizard Your pets gain 3 levels
Legendary Skill Mod:
Sic 'em will now summon a Bog-Guardian.
Set: 35+ total ranks