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If only one Attribute may be specified (warrior, et. al.) at a time, then why are there 5 slots for this? currently I (Galialli on Gladden) am at level 42 with 3 open slots. However, as the trait manual says and the GUI attests, I can't have more than one role slotted at a time. Is this just another LOTRO "Oh bugger, I thought we'd do something with this at one time, but..." situation? -Yew

"Attribute traits come in two types: Role traits and cosmetic traits."
"The cosmetic traits allow you to choose the hair color, hair style, clothing and even race of your Soldier."
The additional 4 slots are for these cosmetic traits. See Skirmish-Cosmetics. Velkeirien (talk) 01:03, 5 July 2019 (UTC)