Item:Wild Flower Field

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Wild Flower Field-icon.png
  Wild Flower Field
  • Requires: Farming Tools
    Requires: Westfold Farmer crafting ability
  • "A small field of flowers."

Craft Information

Profession: Farmer

Crafting Level: Westfold (Tier 7)

Recipe: Westfold Farmer Recipe-icon.png Wild Flower Field Recipe


Craft Item Critical Success
Wild Flower Field-icon.png Wild Flower Field Wild Flower Field-icon.png Well-tended Wild Flower Field


Executing this recipe provides the farmer with random plant parts that are used by Scholars to make Dyes or Paints. These ingredients are reasonably rare, as they are otherwise only acquired by having luck on specific farmer fields or finding them in the wild.

Wild Flower Fields require Superior Farmland to produce these vegetable ingredients for dyes and paints (with approximate production rates):

Crop Production Rate
Amaranth Petal-icon.png Amaranth Petal 20%
Bloodwort Root-icon.png Bloodwort Root 11%
Bluebottle Petal-icon.png Bluebottle Petal 0%
Indigo Plant-icon.png Indigo Plant 53%
Iris Root-icon.png Iris Root 18%
Juicy Elderberry-icon.png Juicy Elderberry 22%
Lily-of-the-Valley Leaf-icon.png Lily-of-the-Valley Leaf 27%
Saffron Thread-icon.png Saffron Thread 24%
Woad Plant-icon.png Woad Plant 73%
Yarrow Root-icon.png Yarrow Root 100%

Note: The approximate production rates add to more than 100%, as each field may produce 2 or more products. These production rates are estimated from 45 Wild Flower Fields.


Wild Flower Field ingredients can be purchased from an Expert Farmhand, except Pile of Rich Soil.