Item:Supreme Essence of Will

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Essence of Will (epic)-icon.png
Supreme Essence of Will
  • Item Level: 183 - 195  
  • +121-127 Will
    +35-36 Vitality
  • Minimum Level 95 - 100
  • Worth: 13 Silver  to 13 Silver 60 Copper 

Note: For the tier 8 versions of this essence, see Supreme Essence of Masterful Will and Supreme Essence of Robust Will.

Item Information

This item is available with different minimum levels. Note that there is no version of this essence for tiers 1-5.

Tier Minimum Level Item Level Attrib Worth
6 95 183 +121 Will
+35 Vitality
13 Silver 
7 100 195 +127 Will
+36 Vitality
13 Silver 60 Copper 

Craft Information (Essence Tier 7)

Profession: Scholar

Crafting Level: Westemnet (Tier 9)

Recipe: Greater Essence of Will Recipe

Standard Recipe Result: Greater Essence of Will (Level 100)

Critical Success Result: Supreme Essence of Will (Level 100)

Craft Information (Essence Tier 8)

Profession: Scholar

Crafting Level: Anórien (Tier 10)

Recipe: Supreme Essence of Will Recipe (Tier 8)

Standard Recipe Result: Supreme Essence of Masterful Will or Supreme Essence of Robust Will (Level 105)

Critical Success Result: None

Quest Information

This item (lvl 100 version) is a possible reward for the following quests: