Item:Supreme Essence of Might

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Essence of Might (epic)-icon.png
  Supreme Essence of Might
  • Item Level: ...
  • +... Might
    +... Vitality
  • Minimum Level ...
  • Worth: ...

Craft Information (Essence Tier 7)

Profession: Metalsmith

Crafting Level: Westemnet (Tier 9)

Recipe: Greater Essence of Might Recipe

Standard Recipe Result: Greater Essence of Might (Level 100)

Critical Success Result: Supreme Essence of Might (Level 100)

Craft Information (Essence Tier 8)

Profession: Cook

Crafting Level: Anórien (Tier 10)

Recipe: Supreme Essence of Might Recipe (Tier 8)

Standard Recipe Result: Supreme Essence of Masterful Might or Supreme Essence of Robust Might (Level 105)

Critical Success Result: None

Item Information

This item is available with different minimum levels. Note that there is no version of this essence for tiers 1-5.

Tier Minimum Level Item Level Attrib Worth
6 95 183 +129 Might
+16 Vitality
13 Silver 
7 100 195 +139 Might
+17 Vitality
13 Silver 60 Copper 

Note: For the tier 8 versions of this essence, see Supreme Essence of Masterful Might and Supreme Essence of Robust Might.

Quest Information

This item (lvl 100 version) is a possible reward for the following quests: