Item:Superior Ancient Steel Jeweller's Tools

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Jeweller's Tools (incomparable)-icon.png
Superior Ancient Steel Jeweller's Tools
  • Bind On Equip
  • Item Level: 50
  • Tool
  • +20% Jeweller Critical Chance
  • Tough
  • Durability 60/60
  • Minimum Level 45
  • "Finely detailed crafting tools, moulds, clamps and other tools of the jeweller's trade."
  • Worth: 3 Silver 

Item Information

This item is still craftable if its recipe is available in the Crafting panel, in a bag or vault, but the recipe is now obsolete too, single tools have been replaced by tool collections, see the Crafting Tools Index.

Craft Information

Profession: Metalsmith

Crafting Level: Master (Tier 5)

Recipe: Master Metalsmith Recipe-icon.png Ancient Steel Jeweller's Tools Recipe


Craft Item Critical Success
Jeweller's Tools (incomparable)-icon.png Ancient Steel Jeweller's Tools Jeweller's Tools (incomparable)-icon.png Superior Ancient Steel Jeweller's Tools