Item:Summons to the Entwade

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  Summons to the Entwade
  • Bind on Acquire
  • Item Level: 1
  • Consumed On Use
  • Cooldown: 10m
  • Not useable in Monster Play
  • "Horn has asked you to return to the Entwash Crossing and see if Hunbald will allow you to cross."
  • Worth: 1 Copper 

Quest Information

This item starts (re-starts) the Epic quest line: [86] Vol. III. Book 11: Chapter 1: Too Great a Need

Item Information

Upon reaching level 85, a character automatically receives this letter in the mail.

From: Horn
To: <name>
Subject: Danger Faces West Rohan
We saw much to trouble us in Wildermore, my friend. Travel to the Entwash crossing and see if Hunbald will yet allow us to pass. West Rohan is in danger, and Théoden King must be told, but he is the very one who forbade us from returning!

If you use the map attached to the message, Summons to the Entwade, and speak first to Hunbald:


I am sorry, but I have received no word from Edoras that your exile has been lifted. You must remain on the Eastern Bank of the Entwash until I have received such a word.

This immediately opens the Epic Quest: [86] Vol. III. Book 11: Chapter 1: Too Great a Need


I have received no word yet that you may pass.

Interrogating Hunbald:

  • Will you let us pass?
I will not. It is the rule of Théoden King, and if you possess honour you will respect his command. You are to remain east of the Entwash unless and until the King revokes his command.
He must.
  • What if we pass anyway?
You and your companions seem to possess strength of will, it is true, and perhaps you could overpower me if the mood took you.. But you would make an enemy of Théoden King and of his people, and you would not long survive in Rohan. You should keep that in mind, and let it master any hasty impulse.