Item:Smooth Lebethron Javelin Recipe

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Artisan Woodworker Recipe-icon.png
  Smooth Lebethron Javelin Recipe
  • Requires: Artisan Woodworker crafting ability
  • "Using this scroll grants an Artisan Woodworker recipe.

    The output of this recipe can be chosen by the crafter."
  • Worth: 4 Silver 13 Copper 
Javelin 2 (uncommon)-icon.png
Smooth Lebethron Javelin of Precision
Select Output
Crafting Panel - Left Arrow-icon.png 1/2 Crafting Panel - Right Arrow-icon.png
Artisan Craft XP Earned: 10

Tool Required: Woodworking Tools
Facility Required: Superior Workbench

Crafting Panel - Proficiency-icon.png Ingredients:
Thin Lebethron Board-icon.png
0/4 Thin Lebethron Board
Thin Lebethron Board-icon.png
0/2 Solid Lebethron Board
Leather Wrapping-icon.png
0/1 Pristine Leather Wrapping

Crafting Panel - Mastery-icon.png Optional: Critical Chance: 5%
Drop of Black Resin-icon.png
0/1 Drop of Black Resin
☐ Use +45%
Critical Success Produces:
Javelin 2 (rare)-icon.png
Polished Lebethron Javelin of Precision

Item Information

Other Output(s)

The previous items are the default outputs when selecting the recipe in the crafting panel. Using the Select Output buttons at the top right of the panel allows you to select another output, using the same ingredients:

Craft Item Critical Success
Javelin 2 (uncommon)-icon.png Smooth Lebethron Javelin of Speed Javelin 2 (rare)-icon.png Polished Lebethron Javelin of Speed