Item:Small Star-lit Crystal

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Small Star-lit Crystal-icon.png
  Small Star-lit Crystal
  • Item Level: 1
  • Consumed On Use
  • Maximum Level 65
  • "The star light captured by this crystal bathes your Legendary Item increasing its power."
  • Worth: 15 Silver 

Item Information

1-2 Small Star-lit Crystals have a good chance of dropping in the main chest of Igash the Fanatic any time you finish The Grand Stair challenge style, wether you have the daily quest or not.

This item has a small chance to drop from Lieutenants and bosses in level 50-65 skirmishes and instances. The drop rate is higher for larger group size and higher tier content.

You can put these on your legendary items up to lvl 65. On each weapon up to three crystals can be applied.

With a crystal the base-SPS-Rank (DMG) goes 1 rank up (meaning Rank 2 become Rank 1, one new Rank added).

Also all legacies go up (Lore-Master -Target Resistance (Debuffing Skills) , +Vitality, +Agility from Legacy-Scrolls etc.) which are not:

  • -seconds cooldown
  • +seconds duration
  • + or - %-based damage/costs (beside the main-SPS-Rating)

On a Reforged Hunter's Bow of the Second Age (Level 65) (max DPS 84.3):

  • 1 crystal goes to: 88.1
  • 2 crystals goes to: 92.0
  • 3 crystals goes to: 95.8 (1st rank 73.0)

On a Reforged Lore-master's Book of the Second Age (Level 65) (max healing 19%):

  • 1 crystal goes to: 20%
  • 2 crystals goes to: 21%