Item:Scroll of Tracking

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Scroll of Tracking-icon.png
  Scroll of Tracking
  • Bind on Acquire
  • On Use:
  • Item Duration 5m
  • Cooldown: 30s
  • "This tome can be used to track the following within a large area: Beasts, Insects, Dragon-king, Orc-kind, Giants, Unseen, Dead, Ancient Evil, Dwarf, and HUmans. Stealthy creatures can also be tracked by using this item."

Item Information

Contained in a Box 8 (store)-icon.png Tracking Tome Box found in Lootboxes.

WARNING: When clicked on, the enclosing box will yield this Scroll of Tracking, which IMMEDIATELY begins to decay!
In 5 minutes, it will disappear from your inventory with the message.

The item, Scroll of Tracking, has expired and been destroyed from your inventory.

While not a "gag" item, this item is clearly one of the least useful items found in a lootbox.
Since the contents begin to decay immediately upon opening the box, DO NOT open the box in a town or similar "enclosed" area where there is "Nothing to track."

When successful, a "Tracking Window" will appear as shown below, similar to that of the Hunters Skills, Passage of Nature, Passage of Foes and Passage of Shadow.

Tracking Window.png

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