Item:Rich Iron Ingot Recipe (Obsolete Item Conversion Hunter Traps)

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Expert Weaponsmith Recipe-icon.png
  Rich Iron Ingot Recipe
Rich Iron Ingot-icon.png
Rich Iron Ingot
Select Output
Crafting Panel - Left Arrow-icon.png 1/5 Crafting Panel - Right Arrow-icon.png
Expert Craft XP Earned: 4

Tool Required: Smithing Hammer
Facility Required: Forge

Crafting Panel - Proficiency-icon.png Ingredients:
Bear Trap 2-icon.png
0/2 Rich-iron Bear Trap

Crafting Panel - Mastery-icon.png Optional: Critical Chance: 5%
☐ Use
Universal Optional Crafting Ingredient-icon.png
0/1 Universal Optional Crafting Ingredient
☐ Use +100%
Critical Success Produces:
Rich Iron Ingot-icon.png
2 Rich Iron Ingot

Item Information

This recipe is granted automatically when starting this crafting tier, under Obsolete Item Conversion.

Other Ingredient(s)

The previous ingredient is the default ingredient when selecting the recipe in the crafting panel. Using the Select Output buttons at the top right of the panel allows you to select another ingredient to convert, for the same output:

2Triple Trap 2-icon.png Rich-iron Triple Trap
2Quick Trap 2-icon.png Rich-iron Quick Trap
2Strong Trap 2-icon.png Rich-iron Strong Trap
2Lure Trap 2-icon.png Rich-iron Lure Trap