Item:Pressing Matters

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  Pressing Matters
  • Unique
  • Minimum Level 5
  • Starts Quest: A Pressing Matter
  • "This letter comes from your trainer in Bree and requests that you visit her/him at your earliest convenience."

Quest Information

You receive this item as an attachment sent by mail upon reaching level 15. It starts the quest [15] A Pressing Matter.

The Letter



From: Albra Lowbanks
To: <name>
Subject: Pressing Matters
Some of us have reasons to stay hidden in shadow. By reaching out to you, I may be betraying your confidence, but I hope you see it for the boon it is meant to be. Take the letter attached and deliver it to me at the training hall in Bree - if you choose.
Albra Lowbanks


From: Dawn Appledore
To: <name>
Subject: Pressing Matters
Dawn Appledore


From: Oggur
To: <name>
Subject: Pressing Matters
The thrill of battle drew me to be a bladesman and now it is my honour to teach others to share in the mirth that arises amidst the din of battle. Take the notes attached and follow them to me in Bree.


From: Tralli
To: <name>
Subject: Pressing Matters
Our lives defend those of the folk we swear to protect and when raised to great anger we are able to call upon great reserves of strength and courage. I ask you to return to me, as there is something needs doing. I have attached further information, collect it and return it to me.


From: Flambard Took
To: <name>
Subject: Pressing Matters
No, that is for farmers and those without a scent of a trail. We are meant for better things are we not? I think it is time that I provide you a new trail. tak ethe letter attached and bring it to me.
Flambard Took


From: Dalton Willow
To: <name>
Subject: Pressing Matters
I hope that your studies are not diminished by your desire to trudge throughout the world out there. There is another letter along with this that informs you what I need. Please, return to me quickly. Studies should not wait.
Dalton Willow


From: Burt Ninetails
To: <name>
Subject: Pressing Matters
Traveling yields wonderful tales and by now I am certain you have many. Why not return to me and we can help each other work on our arts? There is a letter here for you.
Burt Ninetails


From: Biarn
To: <name>
Subject: Pressing Matters
A letter is attached - please, read it and return it to me quickly.


From: Daisy Appledore
To: <name>
Subject: Pressing Matters
There is something that I need of you. I cannot say too much here and the note attached says to much. Please. Read it and return it to me.
Daisy Appledore