Item:Pouch of Hornblower Pipe-weed

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  Pouch of Hornblower Pipe-weed
  • Item Level: 15
  • Consumed On Use
  • Food
  • "Named in honour of the first hobbit to grow pipe-weed in the Shire, Tobold Hornblower."
  • Worth: 6 Copper 
  • Stacks to 500

Craft Information

Profession: Farmer

Crafting Level: Journeyman (Tier 2)

Recipe: Journeyman Farmer Recipe-icon.png Hornblower Pipe-weed Recipe


Craft Item Critical Success
4Pipe-weed-icon.png Pouches of Hornblower Pipe-weed 8Pipe-weed-icon.png Pouches of Hornblower Pipe-weed

View the Farmer Journeyman Recipe Index for more details.

Usage Action

The smoke from Hornblower Pipe-weed takes the form of two smoke rings that pass through each other as they float out from the pipe.

This effect appears to be exactly the same as the one used for Pipe-weed-icon.png Pouch of Southern Star Pipe-weed.

Hornblower Pipe-weed emote.jpg