Item:Lore of the Blade

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  Lore of the Blade
  • Item Level: 39
  • Minimum Level 39
  • Class: Lore-master
  • "A legendary book describing the fictional account of an adventurous young Lore-master and her companions as they adventure across Middle-earth."
  • Vendor's Price: 189 Silver 60 Copper 
  • Worth: 47 Silver 40 Copper 

Vendor Information

This book must be purchased from a Lore-master Trainer.

Deed Information

Purchasing this book auto-consumes it, starting the class deed Lore of the Blade.

  • While the deed suggests your character must talk to someone, this is not required
  • Once the deed is started, your character can occasionally loot a "missing page", which automatically updates the deed
  • Once the deed is completed, your character receives Class Trait Point-icon.png 1 Class Trait Point