Item:Lore of the Blade

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  Lore of the Blade
  • Book
  • Minimum Level 39
  • Class: Lore-master
  • "A legendary book describing the fictional account of an adventurous young Lore-master and her companions as they adventure across Middle-earth."
  • Vendor's Price: 189 Silver 60 Copper 
  • Worth: 47 Silver 40 Copper 

Vendor Information

This book must be purchased from a Lore-master Trainer.

Legendary Trait Reward

This book starts a legendary tome quest. Once you've bought and read the book, see Gandalf and collect the missing pages (8), then you'll receive the following trait :

Sword and Staff-icon.png Sword and Staff

Page Drop Locations


Lore of the Blade seems to be a rather unusual tome for a Lore-master to express interest in. Rather than delving deeply into the hidden mysteries of mountains, or discussing at length the habits of wave and wind, it reads more like a rousing tale of adventure written to entertain hobbit-children. The pages of Lore of the Blade claim to follow the adventures of a brave young Lore-master who when confronted with deadly dangers is just as apt to fight her way through with flashing swordplay as to confound her opponents with the lore of the elements or the wisdom of long forgotten sages. Oddly, as you find yourself drawn into the stirring tale you begin to see the more subtle nuances of the story unfold through the eyes of its character, who displays an uncanny insight into the nature of the foes she faces, and an understanding of when the strength of arms applied at the correct moment may indeed be the least destructive course.

Unfortunately, some prior reader has handled this copy rather poorly and some of the pages are torn beyond repair. The author also proves to be a bit difficult to pin down, as he has chosen to identify himself solely by the runic letter 'G' inscribed on the binding.