Item:Heavy Torc of the Adventurer

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Necklace 58 (rare)-icon.png
  Heavy Torc of the Adventurer
  • Bind on Acquire
  • Item Level: 348 - 362  
  • Neck
  • Empty Essence Slot-icon.png Empty Slot
  • +892 - 1,403 Might
    +781 - 1,099 Vitality
    +5463 - 7947 Finesse Rating
  • Normal
  • Durability 80/80
  • Minimum Level 116 - 120
  • Worth: 21 Silver 88 Copper  to 22 Silver 66 Copper 

Item Information

This item is a level-scaled selectable reward from a Box 7 (store)-icon.png Coffer of Adventurer's Jewellery - Might. The item also has a chance to drop in a Adventurer's Steel-bound Lootbox-icon.png Adventurer's Steel-bound Lootbox. The rewarded item will have a random item level between 348 - 380 depending on the level of the character opening the coffer (higher-level characters will receive higher item levels). Note that the item level displayed in the tooltips in the 'Select an Item' box is irrelevant; the item level you receive will be randomly determined after you click Select.


This item can be disenchanted into 200Embers of Enchantment-icon.png Embers of Enchantment.