Item:Gift Pack

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Gift Pack

Quest Information

This item is a reward for the following quests:

Delivery Mail

The mail is sent from either Dwalin or Jon Brackenbrook and this item is attached to it. The mail reads:


From: Dwalin
To: <name>
Subject: A Letter of Commendation
I heard you were back in the area and I have written a letter of commendation for you. Others you helped have pitched in what they could and placed it all in a nice gift box. Be sure to collect and read the letter from the gift box. Then seek out Laenin in Celondim or Bogi Deepdelver outside Thorin's Hall.
Lord Dwalin of the Longbeards

Jon Brackenbrook:

From: Jon Brackenbrook
To: <name>
Subject: A Letter of Commendation
I have written a letter on your behalf. Others in Archet collected what they could to give to you and made a nice present of it. Make certain to get the letter, read it, and then take it to Constable Thistlewool in Archet or Postman Newbuck in Little Delving.
You remain on the hearts of the people of Archet.
Jon Brackenbrook


This item contains:

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