Item:Egwylf Property Guard

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Egwylf Property Guard-icon.png
  Egwylf Property Guard

Item Information

The Egwylf Property Guard is in the form of a Rohirrim errand-rider - namely Egwylf.
The Egwylf Property Guard is a Small Yard decoration you acquire to patrol your property.
As with other property guards, the Egwylf Property Guard will cycle through various roaming and fidgeting animations on a regular basis.
The owner of the home can also use this decoration to summon the property guard as an NPC ally within the housing instance.
The features of the property guard are randomly generated.
Property Guards may be acquired for your home from the On-line Store or through certain Barter situations.

Barter Information

Barterer: Bert Bartleby Bingo Badge Barterer, near the center of Avardin in Starkmoor in Dunland. [81.0S, 2.1W]
Item to Receive Items to Trade
Egwylf Property Guard-icon.png Egwylf Property Guard Token of Salutation-icon.png 5 Bingo Badges


Egwylf Property Guard