Item:Dol Amroth Gazebo

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Dol Amroth Gazebo-icon.png
  Dol Amroth Gazebo


An elegant gazebo in the style of Dol Amroth and Belfalas, complete with high-arching stonework, potted flowers, and a flowing fountain.

Barter Information

This item may be bartered from the Herbalist (Host of the West - Henneth Annûn) or the Herbalist (Host of the West - Camp of the Host) in North Ithilien.

Item to Receive Items to Trade
Dol Amroth Gazebo-icon.png Dol Amroth Gazebo 50Phial of Crimson Extract-icon.png Phial of Crimson Extract


Gazebo during the day.
Gazebo glowing at night.