Item:Derudh's Stone

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Derudh's Stone
  • Bind On Acquire
  • Pocket
  • +13 Fate
    +8 Vitality
    +111 Tactical Mitigation
    +73 Evade Rating
    +25% Experience Gain on Monster Kills and Crafting
  • Maximum Level 64
  • "A small flat stone with a rune carved into its surface."


This item was received upon pre-purchase of the Rise of Isengard expansion from the Base, Heroic and Legendary Editions. The item was automatically granted to all characters created on the same account. It is not included in the digital versions of that expansion available from the LOTRO Market and no longer obtainable.

It is also found in the  Mithril Edition Bonus Items, that came with the Steam Starter Pack.


Equipping this item bestows the effect  Gift of the Helmingas on the user which grants a 25% bonus to experience from monster kills and crafting.

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