Item:Deed Tome - Rohan Quests

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Deed Tome-icon.png
  Deed Tome - Rohan Quests

Item Information

This item is contained within an Aria of the Valar Package.

On-use Information


This information is only for users of the items in an Box 17 (store)-icon.png Aria of the Valar Package.

This skill is included as part of Mordor Expansion bundles, or which may be purchased independently from the in-game LOTRO Store using LOTRO Points. The following information is only relevant AFTER you have created your character, entered Middle-earth, and used the Aria of the Valar skill.

Deed Tome-icon.png Class Deed Tome
Deed Tome-icon.png Deed Tome - Rohan Quests
Deed Tome-icon.png Deed Tome - Gondor Quests
  • Note that it does not matter if your character had previously acquired any of these points. They will not be doubled, nor will they impair the acquisition of the others from that tome.
  • After using these three tomes, your character will have a total of Class Trait Point-transparent-icon.png 75 Class Trait Points (72 for Beornings).
  • You will then need to earn the remaining Class Trait Point-transparent-icon.png 21 Class Trait Points (24 for Beornings) to bring your character up to the maximum.


Before Update 21.3.1, the Aria of the Valar did not include the Rohan and Gondor Deed Tome. Characters who have purchased the Aria before this update, can buy them at their Class Trainer.