Item:Crude Map to Grimwood

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Paper Sheet 1 (rare)-icon.png
  Crude Map to Grimwood

Item Information

This item is obtained by completing the deed: Grimwood Travel Tier 1 -- 10 quests for the benefit of Grimwood.

Skill Information

This item grants the skill Crude Map to Grimwood-icon.png Crude Map to Grimwood.


  • All crude maps are on a shared timer so using 1 will put all of them on cooldown for 30 minutes. This timer is separate from the poor maps and good maps so only poor maps will be affected.
  • To find which quests "qualify" towards the count, check your quest log. Quests that appear under the "Grimwood" category of quests will advance this deed.
  • You will receive no notification when you have completed the required amount of quests. The deed will simply stop advancing and you will need to speak with War-Tyrant Akulhun in Gramsfoot to obtain your map and open up the next set of quests for your Poor Map to Grimwood.