Item:Crafted Hunter's Mace of the Third Age Recipe (Level 95)

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Westemnet Weaponsmith Recipe-icon.png
  Crafted Hunter's Mace of the Third Age Recipe
  • Recipe Cooldown: 18 hours
  • Requires: Westemnet Master of the Guild Standing with Weaponsmith's Guild
  • Requires: Westemnet Weaponsmith crafting ability
  • "Using this scroll grants a Westemnet Weaponsmith's Guild recipe.

    This recipe produces a level 95 legendary item."
  • Vendor Price: 400 Silver 
  • Worth: 100 Silver 
One-handed Mace of the Third Age 1-icon.png
Crafted Hunter's Mace of the Third Age (Level 95)
Westemnet Craft XP Earned: 14
Cooldown: 18 hours

Tool Required: Smithing Hammer
Facility Required: Superior Forge

Crafting Panel - Proficiency-icon.png Ingredients:
High-grade Eorlingas Ingot-icon.png
0/4 High-grade Eorlingas Ingot
Legendary Fragment-icon.png
0/3 Legendary Fragment

Item Information

This recipe can be purchased from any Legendary Recipes Vendor of the Weaponsmith's Guild: