Item:Cloak of the Dark Halls

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  Cloak of the Dark Halls

Item Information

To obtain this item you had to win the 'LOTRO Europe Contest: Save the Party – A Scavenger Hunt.

The story is that a hobbit farmer has lost his food items and now they are scattered across the land (or rather the Internet)! In order to find the missing items you must search both Renkosi’s Guide and Codemasters sites and then send he URL to the item via this page (for English speakers). This would make a great way to pass the time (besides reading and listening to A Casual Stroll to Mordor) while the servers are down for patching Siege of Mirkwood! (Which will be Thursday, 3rd December, 1am UK time (GMT).)

Winning this contest would also grand you the forum title Master Sleuth.

Promotion US

The Cloak of the Dark Halls was made available to North American/Oceanic players through a promotion for the release of Mines of Moria. It was handled by Gamesradar.

Addition Info

The code for the cloak was sent to players in the following weeks. There is no other way to acquire this cloak in-game. Players who registered the code to their account found the item in their inventory for existing and new characters.


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