Item:An Armsman's Guide

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An Armsman's Guide
  • Unique
  • "A Bounty of Blades by Ottar, Artisan Weaponsmith"

Item Information

This item is given upon choosing the profession Armsman along with your intital set of tools: Inferior Prospector's Tools, Inferior Woodworking Tools and Inferior Smithing Hammer.

A Bounty of Blades

To be an Armsman is a weighty responsibility. The armies of the Free Peoples are ever in need of quality blades to match the numbers and ferocity of the enemy.

An Armsman has three skill of note- processing metal, forgin metal weapons, and crafting wooden weapons. An Armsman will find it easiest to practice the forging of metal weapons, since they can also Prospect their own materials.


To mine metal, you must do the following:

  1. Equip your Mining Pick (Prospector's Tools)
  2. Find a Copper outcropping. You can use your Track Mines skill to help you find them.
  3. Use the node to mine it. and collect the resources.
  4. Take the raw ore back to a Forge and use the Smelting recipes to create workable ingots. While you may have no immediate use for these, they can be easily traded or sold.


Weaponsmithing recipes require a great deal of metal. You'll not find metal for sale at vendors, so you'll either need to mine your own, or head to the Auction Hall.

To craft a Bronze Sword, you must do the following.

  1. Equip you Smithing Hammer.
  2. Find a Forge.
  3. Smith one Bronze Blade.
  4. Using this ingredient, execute the Bronze Sword recipe.

Your work completed, you now posses a stout and capable weapon!


Woodworking is the art of crafting a variety of melee and ranged weapons from simple, natural materials. As an Armsman, you can become a very capable Woodworker, however you will need to acquire your processed wood from another resource.

To craft a Rowan Bow, you must do the following:

  1. Equip your Woodworking Tools.
  2. Find a Workbench.
  3. Carve one Rowan Bowstaff.
  4. Obtain a Rough Leather Wrapping from a supplier or a Novice Woodworker.
  5. Execute the Rowan Bow recipe.

From humble materials, you have wrought a fine weapon for an archer.

As you execute recipes, you will gain experience in your craft. When you are ready to progress to more difficult work, you can seek out further training and quests from craftsmen of note!