Item:Anórien Maid-at-arms Herald Armaments

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Herald 8 (face 2)-icon.png
  Anórien Maid-at-arms Herald Armaments
  • Bind on Equip
  • Item Level: 100
  • Ranged
  • +2700 Armour Value for Herald
  • Normal
  • Durability 80/80
  • Minimum Level 100
  • Class: Captain
  • Requires: Armament Use
  • "When equipped, your Call to Arms skills recruit a Maid-at-arms Herald."
  • Worth: 3 Silver 75 Copper 

Craft Information

Profession: Tailor

Crafting Level: Anórien (Tier 10)

Recipe: Anórien Armaments (Woman) Recipe

Standard Recipe Results: Anórien Shield-maiden Herald Armaments, Anórien Swordswoman Herald Armaments, Anórien Maid-at-arms Herald Armaments

Critical Success Results: Anórien Reinforced Shield-maiden Herald Armaments, Anórien Reinforced Swordswoman Herald Armaments, Anórien Reinforced Maid-at-arms Herald Armaments