Item:Agile Mace of the Westfold

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One-handed Mace 12 (rare)-icon.png
  Agile Mace of the Westfold
  • Bind on Equip
  • Item Level: 176
  • One-handed Mace
  • 311 - 518 Beleriand Damage
  • 218.1 DPS
  • +186 Agility
    +155 Vitality
    +108 Fate
    +430 Finesse Rating
    Target: You have a small chance of slowing your target's Movement Speed.
    -20% Movement Speed
  • Normal
  • Durability 100/100
  • Minimum Level 95
  • Worth: 26 Silver 12 Copper 

Craft Information

Profession: Weaponsmith

Crafting Level: Westemnet (Tier 9)

Recipe: Mace of the Westfold Recipe

Standard Recipe Result: Potent Mace of the Westfold, Resilient Mace of the Westfold, Agile Mace of the Westfold, Solid Mace of the Westfold

Critical Success Result: Potent Mace of the Deep, Resilient Mace of the Deep, Agile Mace of the Deep, Solid Mace of the Deep