Item:'Belfalas' Theme

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A collection of music meant to communicate impressions of the Gondorian coast.

Music Box 1-icon.png
  'Belfalas' Theme
  • Decoration Category: Ambient Music
  • "A selection of three Gondorian music pieces."
  • Vendor's Price: 56 Silver 
  • Worth: 14 Silver 

Vendor Information

Though it was originally a barter item only, this item can now be purchased from a Housing Furnisher (Belfalas) in the Cape of Belfalas Homesteads.

Barter Information

Barterers: Herbalist (Host of the West - Henneth Annûn) or the Herbalist (Host of the West - Camp of the Host) in North Ithilien

Item to Receive Items to Trade
Music Box 1-icon.png 'Belfalas' Theme Phial of Amber Extract-icon.png Phial of Amber Extract