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Image of Inula
Gender Female
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire
Area Bindbole Wood
Settlement Overhill
Map Ref [28.1S, 70.0W]


Inula is a sweet Hobbit girl from Hobbiton who now lives in Overhill. She has grown particularly attached to Ardo.

Dialog with Ardo

Ardo: Inula....
Inula: Ardo....
Ardo: Sorry, you go.
Inula: No, please go ahead.
Ardo: Well, I know we've only known each other since I moved here from Hobbiton....
Inula: Yes, go on.
Ardo: In that time I think we've gotten to know each other rather well.
Inula: That's true.
Ardo: And I have very much enjoyed our time together.
Inula: So have I.
Ardo: Good, because I'd like to spend much more time with you.
Ardo: Inula, will you marry me?
Inula: Oh, Ardo! Yes!
Ardo: Inula, you've made me the happiest hobbit in the whole West Farthing, in the whole Shire!
Ardo: Come, let's tell your parents!
Ardo's Proposal