Hoardale Norbog

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 Hoardale Norbog
Hoardale Norbog.jpg
Faction Neutral
Location Ettenmoors
Area Hoardale
Genus Spiders and Insects
Species Neekerbreeker
Type Normal
Level Range 138
Morale Range 15,276
Power Range 1,033
Special Abilities Poison
Burrow and Heal


Hoardale Norbog are an insect species found around the northern edges of Tol Ascarnen on the far side of the moat. They are also found along the cliffs just to the northwest and south-east of Tol Ascarnen. These creatures are neutral to all until attacked and will assist each other if you start the fight too close to others of their type.

Special Attacks

During a fight they burrow and, at times, while burrowed (cannot be hit), they will heal themselves.

They have a mild poison that they will inflict upon those that attack them as well.

Target of Quests


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