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General overview of Flora gathering

The Battle of Pelennor Fields ended in victory for the good folk of Gondor, but the healers' stores run low and the wounded need salves and poultices if they are to survive. The herbs, roots, and flowers of North Ithilien, the garden of Gondor, were prized by its herbalists of old, and today’s herbalists are recovering their uses once again.
Many different Flora extracts can be collected in North Ithilien and the Wastes. Some are found near streams, some near ruins, and others in open fields. When collected, these Flora will yield one to five of seven different Phials of Extracts which are immediately placed in your wallet under "Phials of <colour>". These Phials can then be exchanged with the Herbalist or Herb-master at multiple locations in North Ithilien or The Wastes.
  • The Herb-master - offers upgrades to Dread Terror Armour pieces.
  • The Herbalist - exchanges phials for various things, including other phials, armour and crafting ingredients.
  • Rather than having certain flora be very rare finds, but always yielding a particular phial, all flora are farily even in their distribution, while their drops are now randomized. The rare drops are Saphire and Amber phials, but they may appear with any flora type. Similarly, the quanity and mix of items is random.

Flora types

Flora unique to The Wastes

The unique Flora of the Wastes contribute primarly two kinds of phials - Golden and Violet. Other Flora sre also found.
These Flora are found in many locations of the Noman-lands, and Dagorlad, especially near the Dead Marshes in the Wastes.
  • Wraithscowl is found during daylight.
  • Dusknettle
  • Bonemallow
  • Evengleam
  • Mournweed
  • Eye-of-night is found after dark, mostly in the area of the Dead Marshes.

Flora drop items


The following Flora are found in many locations around North Ithilien and the Wastes.

The following Flora are found in many locations around the Wastes.